Commercial Law, Labour Law, M&A, Civil Law

Economic Mediation and Arbitration, Court Proceedings, Legal Representation, Debt Collection

Restructuring, Bankruptcy, Compensation, Medical devices

Construction Law, Real Estate, Administrative and court-administrative proceedings

Competition protection, Personal rights of the entrepreneur, Protection of Personal Data

Accounting Outsourcing, Accounting Consulting and Corporate Services, HR and Payroll Outsourcing, Audit

Tax consultancy, Transfer pricing, Compliance Services, IP Box, R&D

Training - VAT, PIT and CIT as well as other legal and tax

Legal and financial and economic translations

Prawo Handlowe, Prawo Pracy, M&A, Prawo cywilne

Mediacja Gospodarcza i Arbitraż, Postępowania sądowe, Zastępstwo procesowe, Windykacja

Restrukturyzacja, Upadłość, Odszkodowania, Wyroby medyczne

Prawo Budowlane, Nieruchomości, Postępowanie administracyjne oraz sądowo administracyjne

Ochrona Konkurencji, Dobra osobiste przedsiębiorcy, Ochrona Danych Osobowych

Outsourcing księgowy, Doradztwo Księgowe i Corporate Services, Outsourcing kadrowo-płacowy, Audyt

Doradztwo podatkowe, Ceny transferowe, Compliance Services, IP Box, R&D

Szkolenia - VAT, PIT i CIT oraz inne prawno-podatkowe

Tłumaczenia prawnicze i finansowo-gospodarcze

CNKP is a team of specialists who, based on their professional experience, gathered in international law firms and reputable consulting companies, provide services in the field of broadly understood consulting for entities conducting business activity.


Our daily activities are guided by the idea of finding the optimal solution that satisfies the needs of our clients in the most complete way possible, while taking into account market conditions.


By deciding to cooperate with us, you gain a guarantee of the highest standards of service and professionalism from the people who provide them, as well as an individual and comprehensive approach to the tasks entrusted to us.

Cooperation with foreign partners and the ability to communicate in German, English and Italian enable our clients to implement almost any business plan, regardless of its location.


Our priority is the ongoing support of our clients to the greatest possible extent. That is why we created an interdisciplinary team of professionals who can offer the client their experience and competences in everyday cooperation.


Since we want to provide our clients with the best possible solutions, substantive supervision over the tasks we carry out is always carried out by a person holding a professional title, according to the circumstances: legal advisor, tax advisor or statutory auditor.

In this way, we achieve our goal that the service we provide is optimal, but also safe for the client.

Common Success

We hope that the principles outlined above and the proposed partnership-based cooperation will contribute to future, joint successes, which we wish for ourselves and for you.