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Labour Law

Notions related to broadly understood employee issues, from the perspective of their complexity, often require in-depth analysis. Therefore, we offer our clients the following services in this area:

  • preparation of documents in the area of individual and collective labour law (employment contract, internal company regulations, collective labour agreements),
  • support in recruitment processes (outsourcing contracts for the provision of recruitment services, preliminary employment contracts),
  • support in the processes of employing temporary workers (contracts with temporary employment agencies),
  • support in the recruitment processes (terminations and agreements, carrying out the procedure of group lay-offs),
  • representation in out-of-court and court labour disputes (negotiations, mediations and court proceedings),
  • ongoing support in the field of issues related to labour law and issues in the field of social security, including cross-border (clarifying questions and doubts, issuing recommendations and recommendations),
  • representation before the National Labour Inspectorate, preparation of documentation related to the control,
  • support in the processes of creating incentive models.

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